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Drospirenone Estradiol

Related post: One of the ways in which L'Oreal enacts the biomedicalization of women's bodies Ethinylestradiol Drospirenone and the racialization of the aging processes of women (gendered degeneracy) is through the visual technology of dismembering women's bodies. A Drospirenone Ethinylestradiol close examination of L'Oreal's advertisings for skin-whitening products shows a systematic fragmentation of women's bodies. Almost all the L'Oreal Drospirenone Tablets advertising images which I have came across use cropped faces of women. One of the visual techniques used by L'Oreal is the pairing of two cropped faces: one of which bears certain pseudo-pathologies such Order Drospirenone as 'age spots,' premature-aging,' 'hyper-pigmentation,' and 'wrinkles.' The other cropped image would feature the Yaz Drospirenone whitened, 'smooth, wrinkle-free' face of a woman. As a result, L'Oreal's advertising often visually conceptualizes the practice of skin-whitening both as a Drospirenone Acne violent technological fragmentation of women's bodies as well as an instrument of bodily transformation. As the following advertising for L'Oreal's skin-whitening brand, Blanc Expert, shows, the visual fragmentation of women's bodies is often reinforced by the claims of the power of these skin-whitening products to penetrate deep inside the body thereby transforming both the inside and the outside of the users of these products. Lanc?me's exclusive Melo-No Complex(TM) limits the activity of the messenger NO, a newly-discovered stimulator of melanin, produced by keratinocytes. The complex, by targeting keratinocytes, boosts whitening action by 15 times. A powerful combination of active whitening ingredients Ethinyl Estradiol Drospirenone targets melanocytes to more effectively Order Drospirenone Online inhibit the source of melanin production and as a result, diminishes the skin's yellowish tone. The image symbolically illustrates the technological prowess of advanced skin-whitening biotechnology; its ability to penetrate, fragment, colonize, and discipline the bodies of women. In this image, the fragmentation of women's bodies is symbolically illustrated by a beam of light shot through a tube. Buy Cheap Drospirenone Upon penetrating Buy Drospirenone Online the skin, this phallic beam of light produces a new "radiant," Buy Drospirenone white face. In this powerful visually Progestin Drospirenone fragmenting technology, the Purchase Drospirenone symbolic order of masculinist technology and the aesthetics of white supremacy are rendered as flesh in the "flawless", perfectly whitened and fragmented face of a woman of colour. In this context, the aggressive world-wide marketing of skin-whitening commodities can be legitimated as benevolent 'cures' designed to transform and transcend the "dark" "diseased," bodies of women of colour. Ironically, not all women of colour can afford the "radiant" whitened faces Ethinyl Estradiol And Drospirenone this technology promises. The following is a price list for L'Oreal's Blanc Expert line. Purchase Drospirenone Online As I indicated earlier, this particular skin-whitening brand name is aggressively promoted to Asian women. Blanc Expert Mela-No Cx Blacc Expert Advanced Whitening Spot Corrector (30 ml= $125 US), Blanc Expert Mela-NO Cx Supreme Whitening Spot Corrector (30ml= $100 US ), Blanc Expert Advanced Whitening & Anti-Dark Circles Drospirenone Yasmin Eye (100ml= $ 77 US), Blanc Ethinylestradiol And Drospirenone Expert Mela NO Cx Advanced Whitening Night Renovator (100ml= $ 83 Drospirenone And Ethinyl Estradiol US). This one has the 'cutest' and the most ironic name: Blanc Expert Mela-No Cx UV Expert Extra Large Double Protection SPF 50/PA+++ (30 ml= $59 US). This list clearly demonstrates two important points: that these products are highly expensive and that they contain relatively small amounts of skin-whitening products. There is a common joke in Africa to describe the practice of face whitening: "Fanta Faces & Coca Cola Bodies." Fanta, in this context, refers to the orange colour of a soft drink. The dark colour of the Coke soft drink in contrast refers to the unbleached bodies of African women. This analogy is particularly apt Yasmin Drospirenone because, like Drospirenone Estradiol skin-bleaching cosmetics, Coca Cola and Fanta soft drinks are western products which are extensively marketed in Africa. In its broadest sense, skin-whitening as 'anti-aging therapy' aims at intervening, 'halting' and if possible, 'reversing' the aging processes of mainly white women. I have suggested earlier that advertisements for skin-whitening products which are marketed to white women often use language suffused with the racialization of the aging processes of white women and the biomedicalization of women of colour's skin tones.
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